Taurus Mutual Fund

734 Crs


our-recommended Funds of Taurus Mutual Fund

Below is the list of funds of Taurus Mutual Fund, we recommend to our investors. Investor can choose from these based on our ratings given to these funds and as per their investment need and risk appetite.

  • Taurus Flexi Cap Fund

    Taurus Flexi Cap Fund is an Equity oriented mutual fund in the Flexi Cap Fund category.

    • As of 31 Jan 2024, fund size of Taurus Flexi Cap Fund is 326.48 Cr.

    • The average category Returns for Flexi Cap funds under Equity class are 24.81% per annum for the last 3 years. Category returns represent the average returns of all the funds from Flexi Cap fund category.

    • Taurus Flexi Cap Fund has given 18.16% annualized return for the last 3 years. The funds SIP returns during the same period is 19.70%

    • Taurus Flexi Cap Fund has 1 Star Rating at present. The present riskometer is the level of risk in this fund based on guidelines set by SEBI is at Very High risk.

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