Mutual Funds

Specific Market Capitalization

  • Large Cap Funds

    Invest in well-established and big companies known as Blue-chip. Aim at steady capital appreciation and less volatility

  • Large & Mid Cap Funds

    Invest in steady blue-chip and aggressive medium-sized companies. Potential to generate higher return with additional risk of mid-cap

  • Mid Cap Funds

    Invest in medium-sized companies that has potential to grow faster. For high-risk investors because of volatility during tough market conditions

  • Small Cap Funds

    Invest in small-sized companies often at nascent stage. High growth potential with very high risk, extremely volatile across market cycles

Across Market Capitalization

  • Flexi Cap Funds

    Invest across large, mid & small sized companies. Covers overall potential of stock market due to the flexibility to invest depending on opportunities

  • Multi Cap Funds

    Invest across large, mid & small sized companies. Minimum 50% of the portfolio will be invested in Mid and Small cap companies

  • Focused Funds

    Invest across different sized companies like Multi Cap, have concentrated portfolio of 25 – 30 companies based on strong conviction

  • Value Funds

    Invest in under-valued companies with potential to grow. Capitalization and sector agnostic these funds may take time to deliver returns.

  • Index Funds

    Invest in NIFTY 50, BSE Sensex and other indices companies in the same weightage based on market capitalization.

  • International Funds

    Invest in equities of companies listed outside of India to diversify across different geography. These funds invest in some of the biggest companies in the world.