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Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

Create your mutual fund portfolio tracker with your consolidated account statement in 3 easy steps.
Simply follow the steps mentioned below to set up your account and start analysing, tracking and investing in the best mutual funds.

  • 1.Request for your Consolidated Account Statement by entering your Email ID and Mobile Number.
  • 2.Download your CAS from Karvy Fintech's email received on your email.
  • 3.Upload the same CAS on MyWealthGrowth and your account with portfolio tracker is ready!

Wealth SIPs

Applying for IPO, Check Out For These Details

We are into another month where many companies plan to come up with their IPO. Whenever the stock market has surged, companies had lined up their IPOs as investors sentiments in a rising market are positive and they want to participate in the market. The present situation is such where many investors just want to apply for most of the IPOs as it continues to trend along with the objective of listing gains. Investing just for listing gain should not be the only reason for investing in IPOs. Investing in IPO is like showing confidence and belief in the future growth of the company. There are multiple factors in deciding on IPO investing and making more informed decisions. 

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Do you really need to invest in International Mutual Funds

International Fund continues to attract investors and many of them plan to invest in these funds to diversify their investments across different countries. International mutual funds predominantly invest in equity funds based in countries outside of India. The most preferred international funds are the ones investing in the USA, China and Globally Diversified companies. While international mutual funds do offer a unique proposition of investing in global leaders which you cannot invest in India, there are certain factors you must know before investing. Many investors just follow the trend and invest in these international funds, should you do the same or evaluate the pros and cons before investing.

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You can get the latest NAV, portfolio analysis, performance details and peer comparison with the option to invest in lumpsum and SIP in the funds of top AMCs