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Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

Create your mutual fund portfolio tracker with your consolidated account statement in 3 easy steps.
Simply follow the steps mentioned below to set up your account and start analysing, tracking and investing in the best mutual funds.

  • 1.Request for your Consolidated Account Statement by entering your Email ID and Mobile Number.
  • 2.Download your CAS from Karvy Fintech's email received on your email.
  • 3.Upload the same CAS on MyWealthGrowth and your account with portfolio tracker is ready!

Wealth SIPs

Three key dilemmas at present: What to do, how much and where to invest?

The second wave of Covid-19 is making investors a bit nervous; at the same time stock market continues to be near all-time high with some volatility. As investors face some tough questions on investment in the current situation, we tried to answer three of these most important questions that are probably going in your mind at present as well. Know more on what you should do with your existing investment, which are good equity funds you can invest right now and how should you invest in present market conditions.

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Why tax saver funds are the best way to save tax

Tax Saver Funds or Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) are one of the best options to save tax under section 80C. It helps you invest in equities as well as save tax up to Rs.46,800. It is an ideal investment for salaried individuals and beginners should look at Tax Saver Funds from both tax saving and wealth creation perspective. Since the investment in Tax Saver Funds are in equities it has higher return potential compared to other traditional tax saving options, but it also carries additional risk. These funds have a lock-in period of 3 years, however we encourage you to continue holding your investments with good tax saver funds even after 3 years and look at it as equity diversified funds.

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You can get the latest NAV, portfolio analysis, performance details and peer comparison with the option to invest in lumpsum and SIP in the funds of top AMCs