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Mutual Fund Research

Mutual funds have evolved over the years and now looked upon as a pivotal investment option to build overall portfolio by investors. With the increasing number of mutual fund houses and funds offered by them, the need for evaluating these funds thoroughly through various parameters is crucial before investing.

We endeavour to make your life easy in deciding the right funds you should consider for investing based on your profile and needs. Our team follows below given in-depth unbiased process to analyse funds on multiple parameters before assigning ranks to the funds.

Our Process


Fund Universe

The steppingstone of the process is to define the universe of all equity diversified funds (excluding sectorial and thematic) through a filter based of the vintage of the fund i.e. minimum history of 3 years and Assets under Management (AuM) i.e. minimum 200 Crore. For debt funds the vintage filter is of minimum 1 year and Assets under Management (AuM) of minimum 500 Crore.


Quantitative Analysis

Analysis based in key indicators like Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Beta, Standard Deviation and Drawdown help determine the behaviour and performance of the funds over different rolling period. These indicators of risk, volatility and performance plays pivotal role in further narrowing the universe of funds


Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis focuses on subjective aspect of funds that are not always quantifiable in numbers and data. Analysis is based on portfolio characteristics and quality, performance of the funds across different market cycles, consistency on investment philosophy of the funds and philosophy of the fund houses. Along with these for debt funds a thorough analysis of portfolio characteristics like Credit Quality, Net YTM, Modified Duration, Avg. Maturity, Company & Sector Level Exposure is done to classify the funds based on quality of their portfolio.


Hand-picked Funds & Ratings

The funds across categories are rated through an unbiased method based on Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis. The funds are ranked on the overall score derived from the blend of weightage between Qualitative and Quantitative scores. Funds scoring higher on both these aspects because of their quality and performance are the ones that ranked higher.