Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what all aspects to my finance I can rely on MyWealthGrowth?

    You can take care of all your financial needs through MyWealthGrowth. Below is the list of services we offer to our investors

    1. Personalized Financial Planning
    2. Assess your investment risk profile
    3. Identify, plan and achieve Financial Goals
    4. Track and invest in Mutual Funds
    5. Evaluate your insurance needs
    6. Buy term insurance and medical insurance
    7. Seek advice on any aspect of personal finance & investment
  • Why should I have a Financial Plan and how do I work on my plan?

    A Financial Plan is a holistic view of your current financial state and detailed strategies for your different financial goals. It includes details about your cash flow, savings, debt, investments, insurance and any other elements of your financial life. After implementation, the financial plan is also reviewed on regular interval. Financial Plan creates a road map for your financial future, and it is always good to have the road map in place. You can opt for our Personalized Financial Planning services where our team will work with you on your financial plan.

  • What is the significance of Risk Profiling and how can I know more about my profile?

    Your risk profile will be determined after considering multiple factors such as your age, understanding about investment, saving and spending habits, behavior in certain scenarios, attitude towards risk, etc. Your risk profile also known as risk appetite in simple words is the amount of risk you can tolerate from investment perspective.

  • Why does asset allocation matters for me?

    Asset allocation is diversifying your investment across different asset classes like Equities, Debt, Real Estate, Gold, etc. based on your risk profile. The right allocation for different asset classes is based on your risk profile, financial goals and time horizon. If your risk profile is of a low risk investor, the allocation in high risk assets like equities will be less and this will be opposite if your risk profile is of high risk investor.

  • What all Financial Goals I can plan and invest for?

    You can plan for each financial goal of yours well in advance. The most common financial goals that are planned by our investors are wealth creation, vacation, buying a new home, buying vehicle, retirement, child’s education and child’s marriage.

  • Do I have to register to avail services of MyWealthGrowth?

    You can analyze mutual funds schemes, access our top rated and top performing mutual funds, evaluate your financial goals, check your insurance needs without registering with us. However, we recommend you register your profile with us for you to get more personalized information and you can also create your mutual fund portfolio to track, analyze and invest through our website. You can also add your mutual fund portfolio by simply uploading your consolidated account statement.

  • What is the difference between Top Rated and Top Performing Mutual Fund?

    Top Rated mutual fund schemes are the funds that are rated and ranked by our research team based on their qualitative and quantitative analysis. These funds are rated based on multiple parameters like rolling return across different time horizon, different risk adjusted ratios, quality of portfolio, etc. Whereas, top performing funds are rated only based on their performance over the period.

  • Can I invest in mutual funds through MyWealthGrowth?

    Yes, you can invest in all mutual funds through MyWealthGrowth.

  • How do I decide which mutual fund is right for me?

    We understand the importance of investing in the right fund. You can reply on our researched top-rated funds to decide the right fund for you to invest for your specific goals. These funds are identified based on multiple parameters and criteria always keeping your interest in mind. You can alternatively, do your own research on our website for the category of fund that you wish to invest.

  • Why should I have adequate insurance cover?

    Insurance is to replace the earning capacity of a person in case of any uncertain and unfortunate events like accident, illness or death. In absence of the income earner, it is family that suffers the most if there is no arrangement to replace the income is not in place. Insurance plays the role of replacing the income earner during these unfortunate times. Hence you should always have adequate insurance cover in place.

  • How much insurance cover do I need?

    There are different ways to evaluate the amount of insurance cover you require. At MyWealthGrowth we advise income replacement method to evaluate insurance cover for yourself. You can also assess your insurance cover using our Financial Protection Calculator.

  • How do I track my overall mutual fund portfolio?

    You can start tracking your mutual fund investment by simply uploading CAS as a one-time activity. The option to upload your CAS is available on our homepage and follow these steps:

    1. Enter your registered email address with mutual fund
    2. Enter Mobile number and OTP
    3. Check your registered email for CAS from KFintech
    4. Upload CAS
    5. Visit ‘My Portfolio’ section
  • How do I start my investment with MyWealthGrowth?

    You must register and provide your details to start investing through us. The online registration process can be completed in 3 steps without any kind of paperwork.

    1. Fill your details and set your password
    2. Fill the application form along with your PAN (Your KYC will be checked online)
    3. Fill your bank details for investment (You will receive Re.1 credit to verify your bank account immediately)

    On successful verification of KYC and bank account you can start investing in mutual fund with us.

  • Whom should I contact if I face any issues with my mutual fund related transactions?

    You can always get in touch with us at 1800 572 0504 (Toll Free) or 844 844 8504. Alternatively, you can also write to us at